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Security Alert

Feb 2018

Please be advised that we are aware of a telephone cold-calling scam conducted by people pretending to be from Astute Financial.

It appears that people from an overseas call centre are using Australian mobile phone numbers to ring Australian residents during the daytime or at night either offering to ‘arrange a home loan’ or to assist in ‘re-financing a home loan’.  They may suggest that they have your contact details because you filled out an online form or that your bank gave them your contact details.

When questioned how they accessed your contact details or where they are from, the caller may state they are from Astute and may even provide our website address.

We aware that these callers may pretend to be from other financial groups too.

Please be aware that these are FAKE calls and are highly likely to be a SCAM to extract personal details from yourself.  These callers are not aligned with the Astute Financial group.

The Astute Financial group does not conduct cold-calling programs and would never ask for personal details from an unsolicited phone call.

If you have received one of these calls or are unsure of the authenticity of a call in anyway, then please inform us immediately by emailing customercare@astutefinancial.com.au and we will record the details and endeavour to assist you in any way.

We apologise to anyone who has experienced harassment by these callers claiming to be aligned with our company.  This matter has been reported to regulatory and policing authorities in Australia.